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November 4, 2019

Date: Monday November 4th, 2019 Location: Red Morton CAB: 1400 Roosevelt, Redwood City Food will not be served to save time, beverages will be available Called to Order: Parliamentarian at 3:45.

Motion to accept the minutes of October 7, 2019 as read. Passed.

1. District beliefs in teaching staff clarification (Ms. Montes) 45 min. Kevin started with an opening statement. See notes. (Ask Kevin for a copy of his statement.) This is a brief summary of Dr. Montes’ presentation: In September District was asked to conduct a district self assessment. Tool box given to us from the State Department of Ed. Problem solving teams are at state, county, district and school level. RCSD MTSS Problem Solving Process: Linda is a facilitator of the directors for this process. (Who else is on the team? Answer: The Cabinet) We take an overall problem and come up with a hypothesis. A number of directors wanted to look at this. Dr. Montes defended the statement as the one that the team decided to focus on. Dismissed were probmes out of the control of the district. Also dismissed were issues with curriculum, class size etc. The following statement was the one chosen by the ‘team’. There is a lack of Belief that all students can reach high levels of achievement. Dr. Montes said all the why’s listed are questions. Question Period: Why did you write something that could be so easily misinterpreted? What could have you meant by these statements? How can you ignore students who are the majority of the class? Can you share surveys from students and parents? There were no surveys. Where is the data for the lack of belief? Where does the data about beliefs come from? Linda kept reiterating that is is only a hypothesis. What percentage of the Latino pop is at grade level? What percentage is Latino? What were the other hypothesis? Assessments aren’t appropriate, special ed. How is Redwood City evaluating NUA? Linda: The committee chose this statement. If SEAL schools are underperforming, why is Seal not questioned or put forward as a hypothesis ? What data is the low expectations data is based on? Linda kept saying the next step is to determine is this statement is true? Where is the data that students don’t feel a connection with their teachers? Linda said this came from the climate survey. What other factors were considered? Linda other factors still being determined. Linda: It is not that District Office doesn’t believe in the teaching staff. All the directors were stating their opinions: Linda: All directors. John Baker, Wendy Kelly, Antonio Perez.

Motion to give Linda extended time. Accepted. Linda kept on going back to the State Department of Ed. that they were following their protocol.

Motion: To give extended time to Alicia McAvoy. She pologized that it was taken this way. Alicia would like to know how we can be more sensitive to you.

2. Schools and Communities First Initiative (Greg Bonaccorsi): State Council

endorsed this initiative. The signature process has to be redone, because the amendments are helpful to us. This will be for the 2020 election cycle. This initiative blends schools and communities. This will amend Prop. 13 to correct the tax imbalance between residential and commercial property. Will fix the corporate loophole. The net effect will be that $12 Billion will be invested in schools and communities. $5 Billion to schools the rest goes to other community services. Process for getting signatures. Important points. All signatures on a petition need to be from the same county, voter has to fill out all his part. Be sure that the date of execution is the same as the date of the last date that you obtained the signature on that petition. You need to be present while people sign. You cannot leave it for people to sign. Can solicit on campus before and after school and on duty free lunch. We need signatures between now and January ish. We need 1.6 million statewide to get this on the ballot. We can ask parents to sign if we are off school grounds. Don’t ask during conferences. If PTA takes a support position then they can help with it.

Kevin: December is slotted as a social. Do we want to schedule an emergency meeting or hold business until January? CTA cards are missing? Did they go to Ms. Meek? Kevin will inquire. We need to have an election for PAR.

Angie asked about student discipline and administrative support.

3. Motion to extend time for 5 minutes for Brian Cagle to share out. Passed. District proposed minor changes to Articles 9 (Evaluations) and 10 (Personnel Files). Article 4 - workload - much of the discussion focussed on this. Trying to work the prep time argument to handle workload. Adding enough teachers so teachers in K-8 schools can have comparable prep time to teachers at MIT and Kennedy. District says that would mean 12 more teachers. Cost of 1%, our salary is linked and administrative salaries. District tends to give CSEA the same increase as RCTA. They successfully turn negotiations into a game of taking away from compensation anything that we negotiate in other parts of the salaries. District is required to keep 3% in reserves. Brian our district tends to keep 6% in reserves. Brian: We didn’t go over the budget. Brian our board mandated to keep a 6% reserves. District is required to create three year projections. They are fanciful. Angie: Is there still an increase in compensation for outdoor ed. Kevin said that perhaps this can be done in an MOU.

Motion to adjourn. Passed: 5:25.

Fill this in when you finish each responsibility. Site Reps’ to do list:

School Site or Department




Schools and Committee


Communities membership:

First Organizing


Next meeting Monday December 2, 2019 Hold the 10

Student Minute

discipline and Meeting to

admin. discuss

support these issues

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