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10/3/22 Rep Council Meeting Minutes

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

RCTA Representative Council Meeting Agenda

Redwood City Teachers’ Association Mission Statement: The Redwood City Teachers Association exists to promote and protect the professional health and longevity of its members. It is dedicated to the pursuit and support of excellent teaching, equity, collective bargaining, and fair working conditions. We are devoted to the education of the children, their families, and the community of Redwood City.

Monday, October 3rd, 2022 3:45-5:30 PM

Red Morton Community Activities Building

1400 Roosevelt Ave, Redwood City CA 94061

1. Call meeting to order at: 3:54 p.m.

2. Land Acknowledgement: We are doing this work on the unceded land of the Ohlone Nations.

3. (Need a motion) Approval of the agenda (with flexibility for special presentation by our benefits vendors). Motion: Kevin Sugar; 2nd: Angie Teupel

4. Roll call

Adelante Selby: Yesenia Bravo,


Clifford: Larry Goity

Garfield: Anastacia Stamates, Chris Taylor

Henry Ford: , Angie Teupel

Hoover: Kevin Sugar

Kennedy: Endre Balogh, Cindy Meek

MIT: Mary Jane Gertz, Rich Wallace

Northstar: Ariana Baltay, Jacob Havey

Orion: Tammy Evans

Roosevelt: Eryn Heon, Chris Holm, Sharon Tsuchiyama

Roy Cloud: Eve Avalos, Xa Mai

SLP: Meagan Klein

Taft: Sigrid McCarthy

5. Approval of the Minutes M: Jacob Havey; 2nd, Sharon Tsuchiyama

6. Alisa McAvoy speaks and answers questions about Measure S

Vote: Shall RCTA endorse Measure S?

Ms. Chen at Orion Mandarin Immersion

Slide deck; Questions; Measure T?s;

Teacher - Air conditioning - number 1 thing on the list

Facilities Master Plan 2013 - Every school site had multiple; Finalized in 2014.

Board has had conversations about air. New buildings are plumbed for air. Need solar to pay for air.

Measure T - 2014 $600 million projects - 2015 $198 million, did not get matching funds from State - safety upgrades ie locks and fencing; moving offices to front. Some school sites 2002 got bigger upgrades. Bigger gym at Hoover.

Question: New building - no bookshelves. All furniture is on wheels. All furniture built for middle school. Not enough plugs in the room. Gates and the fences are not finished. Concerned that exit routes are questionable - need to go all the way around to get out of school. Variety of chairs and seating. Who made the decisions? HOW DO WE HAVE MORE TEACHER INPUT?

Question: Need more early teacher input; Who decides who gets what? @ Hoover still have original windows and hooks. Not accountability, but more input.

Alisa: How best to get teacher input? Google Forms?

RCTA chosen to endorse Measure S

Raffle Break!

7. Budget and Local Dues Vote

2022-2023 Budget Proposals to be voted on October 3rd.

$180 annual local dues (current amount)

$185 local dues (updated arbitration minimum) Approved

$200 local dues (CTA director’s suggestion) Nay

8. Site by Site 1 Minute Share-outs

Adelante Selby Reps: kids practicing for play Dec. 3rd;

CDC Preschool Reps: working on coping with losing 2 staff members - Sharon at Roosevelt and Taft teacher; children learning - too young (2 years, 9months) …taking longer to adjust

Clifford Reps: working with NUA; instructors working with teachers; 3-5 and now with all grades.

Garfield Reps: construction still on site; restorative justice circles; feeling the year with where students are. Quality teacher candidates, attrition, hard to find folks to fill the spot.

Henry Ford Reps: NUA; Whitney Eakin has been an amazing support; kids are pulled in groups for extra academic support. Art lunch area. Few have signed up for restorative justice. Circle Up - open minded, .

Hoover Reps: administration turnover successful; camaraderie - upper grades; worked with Wendy so that middle school teachers were able to get their prep; middle school doing well; elementary school - admin ill prepared to handle behavior issues. Odd aggression in lower grades;

Kennedy Reps: Behavior - started to assemblies with different grades; Project resilience (SEL) working with 6th graders 7 weeks, reaching out early; Marine Science Institute

McKinley Reps: New admin learning jobs, getting used to methods; behavioral problems with students; losing 6th grade PE and Newcomer teachers; need a morale booster; new teachers that came that were elementary school; Veteran teachers feel a little left out of decision making

North Star Reps: Fall Festival on 12th; middle school dance 28th; Admin would Digital Lead Leaner; 6th Grade to Pinnacles this year; Enjoying music

Orion Reps: Major behavior issues; room is challenging; support from admin in classroom; kids are not used to different people coming in at different times. Worried about teacher safety.

Roosevelt Reps: Wellness week; Each day a different spirit day; Limiting copy paper to one ream per month. Subbing issues - students are not getting pull out time

Roy Cloud Reps: Math and Reading Intervention middle school Teacher; RSP 6-8 teacher shared with Clifford; middle school would like daily prep periods; Love our new principal.

SLP: Elementary and Middle School are asked to assess preschools; they have a full time job; may need RCTA support so that this issue gets resolved; down 1:1 aides

Taft Reps: Focus on NUA and PBIS, our theme is responsibility; dolphin tickets and student of the month. Seems calm this year. Have different behaviorists coming in; counselors teaching SEL lessons; rare day that they get subs. Fortunate Principal and VP will cover. Hard on everybody. Impacts everyone.

Raffle Break!

9. Committee Reports

Benefits Committee: Ann Barlijafa

Set up a time with the benefits vendors to come to your site. Order lunch for your members. RCTA will reimburse you. Try to keep it at $15 per person. Save your receipts and email them to to receive your reimbursement check.

Special Presentation with Provident, The Standard, and California Casualty at 4:30 PM

Christina from Standard Benefits: works closely with CTA; Summer Benefit newly added - $500 week up to maximum ??, within normal price; 75% income benefit raised to 80%; Student loan or cancer diagnosis up to $2400; preexisting condition of ten days - new hire, family status change, or campaign; If they deny claim, right to appeal…CTA makes final decision. Protection of CTA. New members can sign up for disability - because they do not have state disability.

Norma Alfaro - CA Casualty - 180 years - largest group CTA; zero deductible if accident happens at school. New thing: quote. There is a QR Code, enter information.

Provident - created by teachers; not for profit; discount mortgages and auto loans; no minimum fees; have to become a member which is $5.

**Can have Site Benefits Meeting at school site - RCTA will provide lunch for RCTA members @ $15/person if you invite representatives.

Treasurer's Report: Steve Murray

2021-2022 Budget: Approved 12/6/21

Balance Checking: $45,330.15Balance Savings:$50,384.05

Organizing Committee: Executive Board

Submission due Friday, October 14th; Custom Ink; Send it

Board Meeting presence sign up. RCTA will pay $15 toward your meal on meeting night. Email with willing members names, phone numbers, and dates.

Oct. 12Kevin SugarOct. 26 Nov. 9 Nov. 16 Dec. 7 Dec. 14 Jan. 11 Jan. 18 Feb. 8 Feb. 15 Mar. 8 Mar. 22 Apr. 19 Apr, 26 May 10 May 24 Jun. 14 Jun. 21 Jun. 28

Raffle Break!

Bargaining/Negotiations Team: Brian Cagle, Michelle Territo, Erinn Washburn, Jenn Tanti, Yesenia Bravo, Amy Barstad

Negotations Survey #1 sent. Release day 10/4. Hopefully, complete sunshine proposal;; Now that we are basic aid, district gets a budget estimate in the middle April; bargaining will resume to settling at the end of the year; 6.5% COLA possibly; sounds pretty promising; hopefully get a big salary increase;

Climate Committee: Anastasia Stamates, Erinn Washburn

First meeting is October 17th

Meet with John Baker, Wendy Kelly, and a board member to discuss solutions to district-wide concerns.

If you did not get a chance to share at the meeting, you can put your climate committee concern on this document.

First meeting October 17th - Wendy Kelly and John Baker and one board member to discuss district wide concern. Can put concern on document; can see what concerns other sites have; Meet 3rd Monday of the month after school - Jacob Havey will join the committee. Please reach out to people. Yesenia Bravo will join after this month.

Human Rights and Equity Committee: Erinn Washburn-LGBTQ Chair, Joan Solari-Women’s Chair

Need Ethnic Minorities Chair

CTA LGBTQ Issues Conference October 28-30th -RCTA will fund part of all of this trip!

In Palm Springs; It’s over the weekend. Two other people can join Erinn.

Need an ethnic minorities chair - there is a list of things of what they do.

Social Organizing Committee: Belinda Mendez, Xa Mai

Winter Mixer Tentative Date: December 5th

Membership Committee: Cindy Meek

Grievance Committee: Michelle Territo

It is very important that you talk to your site administrators about any problems you have at your site. Document these interactions.

9. Announcements:

-SPSL has been extended through December 31, 2022. You are entitled to up to 80 hours of covid leave. You must fill out this form to receive it. There is a limit on the amount of money this will pay out, so you may have to use some of your own sick leave.

-The minutes for this meeting will be posted in the blog section of

Raffle Finale!

Meeting adjourned at:

10 minute meeting/Leadership Team To Do’s:

1. Get all members at your site to fill out the RCTA contact Form

2. Inform staff of your site’s benefits fair and lunch.

3. Ask for t-shirt design submissions

4. Sign up folks to go to Wednesday night board meetings and let RCTA know about it.


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