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12/6/21 Rep Council Meeting Minutes

RCTA Representative Council Meeting Agenda

Redwood City Teachers’ Association Mission Statement: The Redwood City Teachers Association exists to promote and protect the professional health and longevity of its members. It is dedicated to the pursuit and support of excellent teaching, equity, collective bargaining, and fair working conditions. We are devoted to the education of the children, their families, and the community of Redwood City.

Monday, December 6th, 2021 3:30-5:30 PM

Zoom Meeting

1. Call meeting to order at 3:35 pm

2. Land Acknowledgement: We recognize the original stewards of this land that we live and work on; The Ramaytush Ohlone Nations.

In the Land of My Ancestors

Native Land Map

Intertribal Friendship House

3. Roll Call- Elected Site Representatives (✓ present)

Adelante Selby-Rita Melton and Yesenia Bravo ✓✓

Roy Cloud-Belinda Mendez and Maureen McPeek ✓✓

Roosevelt-Kohlby Hong and Chris Holm

Hoover-Kevin Sugar

Clifford- Jennifer Tanti ✓

Orion-Jackie Kroner

North Star-Jacob Havey Brian Cagle will take info back

Garfield-Anum Khan ✓

MIT-Susanne Pillay

Kennedy-Cindy Meek

Taft-Kerry Benjamin and Kim Combs

Henry Ford-Angie Teupel and Sandra Covacha ✓✓

SDC Preschool - Bernadette Garcia

Preschool -Aida Ortiz

Independent Study- Rebecca Robinson

4. Approval of the Minutes

11/1/21 Minutes

Motion to approve minutes from November 1, 2021 meeting met without objection.

5. Committee Reports

Treasurer's Report- Steve Murray

Final Budgets

Without Arbitration $165 dues/year goes to RCTA = $112.50 monthly deduction

With Arbitration: $180 dues/year goes to RCTA = $113.50 monthly deduction

  • Motion to discuss the budget, with the arbitration

  • Clarification: The increase would be $1 more per month

VOTE for Arbitration ($180/year)

  • Motion to approve the budget with added arbitration

Yes (Agree for $180) 15/15 Votes

No (Stay at $165) 0/15 Votes

Representative Council voted to approve the increased budget at $180/year from $165/year, a total increase of $1/month

Organizing Committee: Kevin Sugar

  • Morale issue, organizing may need a focus on morale on sites and increasing activity on sites.

  • RCTA Night Out: Local shops, restaurants, bars, etc. to fundraise and connect to the community. Proceeds would go to RCEF (Redwood City Educational Fund)

  • Hopes to make it an annual thing for RCTA in the Spring

  • Kevin needs volunteers to help find local shops willing to participate

  • 3-4 members wanted to help make connections

  • Rita Melton volunteered

  • A general email will be sent to recruit more volunteers

  • Recognition of 20-30 years of service, a bbq during the Spring perhaps

Site Lunches from Erik’s

Henry Ford: Mon. Dec. 6

Roy Cloud: Mon. Dec. 13

North Star: Tues Dec. 14

Holiday Mixer: Friday, December 3rd at Margaritas

Attendance: 30

Cost: $915.62 total

Climate Committee: Kristy Herrera, Sigrid McCarthy, Silvia Antonelli, Chelsea Willimas

Report on 11/30 meeting

  • SDC class size increase. RCSD can put more students into SDC if they need to, the language in the contract allows them to surpass their “goal” limit.

  • Sick Days for COVID; staff feels punished for testing; RCTA is looking at demanding a bargain on this

  • Volunteer requirement doc needed for parent volunteers on campus during school hours

  • Outdoor Ed Make-Ups: John Baker wants all schools to make up for missed outdoor ed; not sure how this will work when teachers don’t want to go.

  • Report Card due dates are different across the district

  • Picture Days are pushed back for some sites

  • Water fountains should be turned off and unavailable to students at all sites.

  • Hoover’s fountains are on

  • Some site admins are not enforcing this

  • Martin Cervantes is in charge of this; reach out

  • Consistencies across the district; possible list of what should be consistent and what could be unique

District-wide concerns for 12/13 meeting

  • Hoover: Administrative-Teacher relationships are strained. Admin seems to be pointing fingers at teachers on behavior. Rebooting PBIS to try to “solve” the behavior challenges, but are not helping with more difficult behaviors. Teachers feel unsupported and blamed, but the admin’s lack of support is diminishing morale.

  • MS Clifford/Taft/Ford/MS Roosevelt/Hoover MS: Independent Study packet requests are ramping up on the holidays. Weeks of the curriculum are being requested frequently, and last minute.

  • The office is not providing the independent study packets to these students

  • Students are going out of town; no wifi, no connection- yet we have all online curriculum- this is a lot of work to make paper-based plans for 2 weeks.

  • There needs to be a UNIFORM, Written minimum advanced notice to get makeup work for independent study work.

  • The “legal” forms are not being provided to teachers at some sites. There is formal documentation needed for independent study- some sites are not using them, or using them but with 2 days of advanced notice.

  • RCSD Policy: The Independent study is due when you return to school?

- Cups or bottles. If RCSD is turning off the water fountains, students NEED access to water.

- Ford: PPE is not being provided to teachers at Ford; reusable masks have not been provided

to teachers for the students.

  • Cloud: Providing own cups for students; parents are being asked to donate masks. Admin has shared that kid masks are not being provided.

  • In most sites the office has masks; students go to the office.

Calendar Committee: Erinn Washburn, Brian Cagle, Pam Barsch

To help with 23-24 calendar

Currently, we have 7 non-student days and 2 are used for conferences.

1st Trimester Conference survey

  • Rep Council would like to not share the survey with members to prevent loss of the two days.

  • SDC Preschool does not get minimum days- those two days are essential to preschool for conferences.

Rep Council: Motion to Vote on NOT sharing the survey

  • Vote to NOT Survey: 17/24

Membership Committee:-Christina Granato

Address changes for CTA database-Christina Granato

Human Rights and Equity Committee: Erinn Washburn, Natalie Delahunt, Emily Farrell

  • CTA Training Coming Up: So You Want to Be an Anti-Racist Union (2 Day Conference)

  • No cost to RCTA; just time.

  • January 12 and 19: Link to Sign Up HERE

- Human Rights and Equity Conference

- March 4-6 in Los Angeles

- Link for more information HERE

Grievance Committee: Michelle Territo, Belinda Mendez

Want to join or start a committee?

Elections Committee

  • Representative Assembly (RA) election coming up (PAID OppotrunityP

  • Executive Board Elections

Organizing Committee

Retirement and Benefits

Community Outreach

Parent Liaison

6. Announcements:

-Covid and Covid Quarantine Leave

Workers’ Compensation Presumption (SB 1159) provides that all California employees who work outside their home at the direction of their employer between July 6, 2020, and January 1, 2023, and who test positive for COVID-19 within 14 days of working at their job site are presumed to have contracted any COVID-19-related illness at work for purposes of awarding workers’ compensation benefits. Find more information from the California Department of Industrial Relations.

Cal OSHA emergency temporary standards exclusion pay requires employers to continue to provide full pay, benefits, and other employment rights (including job status) for employees who are excluded from the worksite due to a positive COVID-19 test or COVID-19 exposure and who are otherwise available and able to work. Exclusion pay is currently set to expire January 13, 2022, unless extended. Click here for more information from the California Department of Industrial Relations.

Otherwise, you must use your sick leave. If you have no more sick leave, the district will give you supplemental sick leave (differential pay-your wages minus sub costs).

Available Leaves for certificated employees

Hillsborough’s MOU

  • We are going to demand a bargain with RCSD to sign an MOU like Hillborough; which in essence is a local version of the bill in place due to COVID prior to September 2021.

  • Preschool students are ineligible for vaccinations; these teachers need protections

  • SDC preschool parents are not receiving the site-based COVID notifications on shared sites.

-NEA RA elections coming up! Here is the election timeline. If you are interested or want help filling out the paperwork, email Erinn at

-CTA conference grants

-Up to date salary schedule

-CA Administrator Performance Expectations

-Volunteer Requirement Doc

7. Member Concerns:


  • Two days isn’t enough time for some. 31 students with 30 minute conferences is 15.5 hours; beyond our 7 hours per day

Planning Pay MOU:

  • Site-based pay for weekend planning; this is not fair for schools whose funding is not equitable for our school populations.

  • 8.4.4 planning is being pushed onto weekends, but weekends are additional pay, but does RCSD give money for 8.4.4 planning?

  • Where are the site funds coming from? Is it an equitable dispersion across sites?

Meeting adjourned at 5:07 pm

10 minute meeting To Do’s:

1. Decide when you will have your 10 minute meeting and invite your members

2. Slight increase in dues ($180/year)

3.. Need an elections committee!

4. Quarantine comes out of your sick days.


2020-2023 CBA

Rep council meeting calendar

RCTA bylaws

Web: Facebook: @redwoodcityteachersassociation

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Redwood City Teachers’ Association Mission Statement: The Redwood City Teachers Association exists to promote and protect the professional health and longevity of its members. It is dedicated to the p

RCTA Representative Council Meeting Agenda Redwood City Teachers’ Association Mission Statement: The Redwood City Teachers Association exists to promote and protect the professional health and longevi

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