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2/7/22 Rep Council Minutes

RCTA Representative Council Meeting Agenda

Redwood City Teachers’ Association Mission Statement: The Redwood City Teachers Association exists to promote and protect the professional health and longevity of its members. It is dedicated to the pursuit and support of excellent teaching, equity, collective bargaining, and fair working conditions. We are devoted to the education of the children, their families, and the community of Redwood City.

Monday, February 7th, 2022 3:30-5:30 PM

Join Zoom Meeting

1. Call meeting to order at 3:32 PM

2. Land Acknowledgement: We recognize the original stewards of this land that we live and work on; The Ramaytush Ohlone Nations.

3. Roll Call- Elected Site Representatives (✓ present)

Adelante Selby-Rita Melton and Yesenia Bravo

Roy Cloud-Belinda Mendez and Maureen McPeek ✓✓

Roosevelt-Kohlby Hong and Chris Holm

Hoover-Kevin Sugar ✓

Clifford- Jennifer Tanti

Orion-Jackie Kroner Bryan Howell will take information back to Orion

North Star-Jacob Havey

Garfield-Anum Khan

MIT-Susanne Pillay ✓

Kennedy-Cindy Meek ✓

Taft-Kerry Benjamin and Kim Combs

Henry Ford-Angie Teupel and Sandra Covacha ✓✓

SDC Preschool - Bernadette Garcia

Preschool -Aida Ortiz

Independent Study- Rebecca Robinson ✓

4. Approval of the Minutes

  • Motion to approve 1/10/22 Minutes approved without objection

5. Committee Reports

Elections Committee:

Stay tuned for 2022 State Council delegate elections information.

Candidates for June 2022-June 2024

  • NEA- RA local delegates: Yesenia Bravo, Erinn Washburn

  • President: Erinn Washburn

  • Vice President: Joan Solari

  • Corresponding Secretary: Jennifer Tanti

  • Recording Secretary: Christina Granato

  • Treasurer: Steve Murray

Jan 10 Announce the Elections Jan. 28 Declaration of Candidacy Due- Candidates submit a statement to the Election committee: and Jan. 28-Feb. 11 Campaigning Feb. 14-17 Simply Vote Elections Feb. 28 Election Results Announcement

Roles and responsibilities of Executive Board Members can be found in our bylaws.

Organizing Committee: Kevin Sugar

California Casualty Contest-Norma Alfaro

  • CTA endorsed auto and renter insurance

    • Get a new auto quote from California Casualty and get a $25 amazon gift card

    • Additionally, when site reps get the survey email from Erinn, forward the contest email to all site members to enter a contest to win 2 ($50) gift cards. Site Reps who get the most entries/site can also earn a $50 gift card for helping spread the word.

    • Contest runs until Friday, 2/18

RCTA Night Out

  • Kevin will set a date. Try to schedule a Thursday or Friday date for a Spring fundraiser night

Treasurer's Report- Steve Murray

2021-2022 Budget: Approved 12/6/21

Balance Checking: $69,557.48

Balance Savings: $50,404,04

January expenses: $700.44

January dues disbursement: $5,651

Retirement Committee:

  • Kevin Sugar, Belinda Mendez, Erinn Washburn

List - Kevin will organize the list

Gifts- Belinda

Venue/food & drink (The Office) -Kevin,

Calendar Committee: Erinn Washburn, Pam Barsch

  • District would like to align Spring break with Sequoia

    • Move from April 3-7 to April 10-14

    • Change should be in effect for the 22-23 school year

Human Rights and Equity Committee: Erinn Washburn, Natalie Delahunt, Emily Farrell

CTA Training Coming Up: So You Want to Be an Anti-Racist Union (2 Day Conference)

Human Rights and Equity Conference

- March 4-6 in Los Angeles

- RCTA will reimburse some or all of the cost for folks who want to go.

- If you are interested please reach out!

Parent Liaison Committee:

Idea: Parents from Taft, Hoover, and Garfield could get involved with the Redwood City Education Foundation (annual report)

  • Dr. Baker said this money was used to pay for mental health counselors at Taft, Hoover, and Garfield.

* If you are connected with these sites and families, or just want to work together with our RCSD parents to help organize positive changes towards a more equitable RCSD.

* Members who want to participate in this committee would be working to build rapport with RCTA and PTA/PTO organizations and/or School Site Council.

  • The purpose is to create a bridge between our teachers and parents to make our district a better place.

Climate Committee: Kristy Herrera, Sigrid McCarthy, Silvia Antonelli, Chelsea Williams

  • Began talks about equalizing PE and instructional minutes. How do folks feel about equalizing instructional minutes? In the process of making a comparative chart.

Rep Council Input:

  • Some members are for equal minutes across the district

  • Funding changes across the district depend on the school site, which doesn’t allow for “equal” opportunities for students.

  • Scheduling is often “dictated” by the bus schedule, or at least that is what we are told, but start and end times do not have to be the same

  • RCSD has not honored suggestions like this several years ago, because they do not have to bargain it with RCTA

  • Technology is being “phased out” across some sites and when tech breaks some teachers are being told they will not be replaced.

  • Masks are not being delivered to preschool. Used PPE order form link, but not being delivered

    • (Preschool) Further, a positive covid test result was being sent to an employees personal phone, and it took almost 4 hours for the notification to reach the person and they were in the classroom the whole time

Membership Committee:-Christina Granato

Address changes for CTA database-Christina Granato

Grievance Committee: Michelle Territo, Belinda Mendez

Want to join or start a committee?

Elections Committee

Organizing Committee

Retirement and Benefits

Community Outreach

Parent Liaison

6. Announcements:

  • Still no SPSL agreement but there is some unsigned language.

    • Sick days will be returned back, we just don’t know when, yet.

  • CTA New Educator Weekend February 25-27 in Santa Clara

    • RCTA can cover costs for some members

  • Need someone to take over the RCTA Facebook page

    • Tech-savvy members want to step up?

7. Member Concerns:

  • Non-reelects

    • “Not a good fit” reasoning being given as a reason for non-reelect. In a time of COVID and the student challenges, when we are losing many amazing teachers to the pandemic, and now RCSD is letting good teachers go. Good colleagues are being asked to not return. This is harming our students, too. With the push for equity and SEL, how is RCSD trying to hold onto great teachers who do care about those things? Our jobs cannot get easier, only more challenging as we lose more quality teachers and our students will suffer to lose additional qualified instructors. Many other teachers (tenured) feel that this is indicative in nature from administrative parties.

      • The state of CA does not mandate that probationary teachers receive any explanation for why they are non-reelecting staff.

      • These staff members are also not able to re-apply in other RCSD positions for 2 years (they can sub). This is extremely concerning knowing how bad the teacher shortage is right now.

      • Formal complaints against administration is a right we have and a part of our contract. RCTA reached out to the administration, but if the admin does not budge the grievance chair would help get the formal process started, reach out to Michelle Territo.

      • RCTA Letter to the Board? Can we draft a letter to the board? We should not be losing such decorated, experienced, exemplary teachers. This is truly an admin issue, not a staff. Many Hoover teachers are complaining about a specific administrator and this admin is believed to be bullying teachers, especially our probationary teachers. This is creating a hostile work environment at Hoover Community School. RCSD is dismissing concerns and complaints from teachers.

      • Panoramic Data: If this is an ongoing issue, where is the climate data on this admin? We all fill out a very detailed survey every year about the climate in the district.

- Garfield-New Beginning Community Church donated $16,500 and suggested an SEL program through RealOptions Obria Medical Clinics- website

- When an organization donates money, they can request certain programs to play into

your school programs.

- Garfield 2 PE+ teachers leave due to ongoing racially charged remarks from students.

Is this covered in our contract?

Article 14 Teacher Safety and Teaching Conditions

14.1.3 Bargaining unit members shall not be required to work under unsatisfactory or hazardous conditions or to perform tasks, which endanger their health or safety.

14.1.4 All bargaining unit members shall report to the school office any practice, condition, or person, which poses a threat to the health or safety of any person associated with the District.

  • If this happens on your site, or to you, PLEASE reach out to your grievance chair, Michelle Territo

Want to be in my book club: Go Back to Where you Came From and Other Helpful Recommendations on How to Become an American

  • A good read with great perspective on how white supremacy in America pits people of color against each other

The Parent Venture: Potential for talk by Dr. Donald Grant (Mindful Training Solutions)....”Talking to kids about race”?

Meeting adjourned at 5:25 pm

10 minute meeting To Do’s:

1. Decide when you will have your 10 minute meeting and invite your members

2. Get a list of all RCTA retirees on your site. Send to

3. Tell your members about upcoming election

4. Share AT LEAST one other part of this agenda out loud : )

  • Next RCTA Rep Council March 7, 2022


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