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April 8, 2019 Minutes

Redwood City Teachers’ Association Rep. Council

RCTA Mission Statement:

The Redwood City Teachers Association exists to promote and protect the professional health and longevity of its members. It is dedicated to the pursuit and support of excellent teaching, equity, collective bargaining, and fair working conditions. We are devoted to the education of the children, their families, and the community of Redwood City.

Date: Monday April 8, 2019 3:45 - 5:15

Location: Red Morton CAB: 1400 Roosevelt, Redwood City

Called to Order: Parliamentarian at 3:50 p.m.

March 4th Rep Council Minutes Approved. (2-5 Min) Motion to Approve the minutes from March 4, 2019. Motion Passed.

Motion to adjust the agenda to move the guest speaker to the beginning. Motion passed.

Anne Hynecek and Magdalena Dorywalska ( ofRWC Parents for a Better Education” are attempting to get more funding for schools from Sacramento. They are teaming up with San Carlos, Cabrillo, and other districts. Their goal is to get a cost of living adjustment.. On Wednesday, May 8th there will be a Stand up for Public Schools Rally on El Camino meeting at Sequoia Station from 4 - 5 p.m.

Site Collaboration and Reports: North Star: Concern about number of days for teachers who are moving. Clifford. No staff meeting since January, no school site council meeting for two months. Roosevelt: Concern about lack of discipline and lack of consequences for inappropriate behaviors. Adelante: People showed up on Campus no one was informed. Surveying the school. Parent confronted John. He said these are architects. People knew they weren’t architects. They were consultants. Hoover: Hoping there will be a K-8 teacher on the negotiating team. (Kevin noted that Michelle Territo is K8). Middle school has been dealt with very badly. No prep everyday next year. Lots of protections for middle school teachers have been eroded. CDC: 2 teachers are moving to other sites. They want the same amount of days to move as regular teachers. (Kevin - They will get the same). Orion: Things are settling down. John Gill: The dust has settled. All John Gill teachers were able to get a position at the new Orion School. Construction will start and teachers will be in portables. Selby Lane: Relief from teachers now that they know where they are going. eachers have been having transition meetings. Nurses: Vision to Learn coming to the schools. First day is this Friday. Vans will be parked where hearing vans usually park. Will work like hearing van day. Students will be pulled. If you are not at a Title 1 school but have students that you are concerned about talk to your school nurse. Color vision screening will be happening for first grade boys. Kennedy: Construction is moving along. MIT: A lot of construction. We are hanging in there. Hoover: When are the voluntary moves happening?

Kevin: A lot of discipline issues that are not being addressed. Hoover: We have Saturday school and Friday detentions. Kevin: Discipline issues are escalating. Seem to be no consequences. Noted that Orion does not see this. Anne: Roosevelt had a hard time finding teachers to do Saturday school.

Volunteer Corp for reassigned teachers Sign Ups. Kevin will send this out tonight. There is a date by which the teachers need to be out of their classrooms. A google form will be sent to the displaced teachers and then once we get their needs a Sign Up Genius will be posted for teachers to post and help.

Relay for Life. May 4th. Nancy Bloomquist will send out an email. Nancy left bags today in case anyone wants to make a luminary bags to honor anyone.

Committee Reports (2 minute masterpiece)

Elections -- Erin and Carol are going to conference in the RA Houston. Bruce filled out info to run for it. Never received anything back but will go since he signed up for the State position. State Council elections in May. Kevin will inquire about more details.

Organizing: Congrats on Fundraising Dinner. The dinner raised $4,500 from on line and teacher donations. Kevin had a truck load of books. Kevin and Anne drove to Chico to deliver all and met with the union president on Saturday, April 6th.

Benefits fare is Thursday, April 15th at 2:00 p.m. It will be help here at Red Morton. Three or four other districts will be involved. There should be no meetings on this day. A flyer will be sent out to teachers.

Grievance (Michelle Territo is out on bereavement): Kevin if anyone wants to help out with Grievance please let us know.


Equity and Human rights Equity and Human Rights Conference. Report by MIT: Informational papers were shared at the meeting. Erin shared an Everybody is Included poster. The posters cost $13.99. Erin suggested it would be a great thing to have them hanging in every school office. Kevin said it was not necessary to have a motion to purchase the posters and that Erin could proceed with the purchase. It was discussed that the Climate Committee could ask the district to have these posters hung in the school offices at their next meeting.

State Council (Carol) - Two weekends ago. CTA Erik Hines his term is up. There were elections. Vice President was not elected to be President. New President is Toby Boyd. CTA redesigning their website. Locals will be included within the CTA website.

6. Officer’s Reports

Treasurer - $100,000 Suggested that Site Reps organized site lunches. A figure of $10 a person was suggested. Site reps share with teachers that they can go to most trainings. Trainings do not have to be CTA sponsored.


Vice President:


7. Questions or Concerns:

New Business:

Membership CPR/First aid/AED Certification (September 7th) - Training cost will be covered. Site Reps, please get an idea in how many people are interested.

Motion: To extend meeting for ten minutes.

Motion: To purchase t-shirts with our RCTA logo in red. To allow up to $4,000 for this purchase. Motion passed.

Rally in Sacramento on May 22 Rally - May 22 in Sacramento. Many teachers are going. Very important. A lot of bills are coming up about charter schools. Steve: We could rent a bus and send people up. Red For Ed. We should be wearing Red on Fridays. Need to keep the DO noticing. There is a Red For Ed store on CTA website.

Other issues: Subs. Lack of subs is a real problem. Kevin mentioned that the subs in Fremont are under contract.

Summary: To Do’s for Site Reps: 1. Remind members about the Rally in Sacramento on May 22 and the Rally in Redwood City on May 8th. 2. Find out how many members are interested in CPR training. 3. Organize a luncheon at your site. You will get reimbursed. 4. Remind members that the Relay for Life is on May 4th. 4. Tell members that we are purchasing T-Shirts for Red for Ed Fridays.

Adjourned at: 5:30 p.m.

Fill this in when you finish each responsibility.

Site Reps’ to do list: each one nets you a raffle ticket for a wonderful prize.

School Site or Department


Hold the 10 Minute Meeting

Sign up Staff Volunteers to help Reassigned Teachers

Sign up members for CPR/First Aid/AED training

September 7

Benefits Fair participation and interest.

April 25 2:30-5:00

Next meeting Monday

May 6






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