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February 4, 2019 Minutes

Date: February 4th, 2019 3:45 - 5:15

Location: Red Morton CAB: 1400 Roosevelt, Redwood City

Called to Order: Parliamentarian at 3:55 p.m.

January 14 Rep Council Minutes Approved.

Site Collaboration and Reports (5-10 minutes) North Star: Worries about testing. Clifford: Lost beloved VP. He is at Fair Oaks. Ten minute meeting. Raising Money in our school for Chico. Selby Lane: 10 minute meeting. Difficult meeting. Did not want to pursue Alternative School of Choice. (School within a school). Henry Ford: Ten Minute meeting, discussed MOU, discussed collection for Chico. Hawes: Where are we going to go? Teachers have no idea what is happening for next year. No one knows who is going to Hawes for next year (Rocketship or DO). Nurses: Finishing up hearing and vision screenings. Roosevelt: ten minute meeting. Principal talked about parent participation coming to our school. Kevin: that needs to be looked at. Orion: Gearing up for the changes for next year. Human Rights and Equity: Committee meeting next week. Equity and Human RIghts conference coming up. CDC: Parents are calming down at Fair Oaks. All are accepting that the school is closing. Adelante: Ten Minute meeting. We decided to reach out to the Selby Lane Staff to have a social. Not happy about the number of days are given to move. MIT: Rewiring for technology. All are happy. Fair Oaks: Upheaval time. Change of leadership. Outside people knew before the teachers at the school. Nonrelect teachers were spoken to. Told these teachers that they can apply again in April. Some told they could re-apply in two years. Can’t get subs for a teacher that has been out a lot. Staff Development: Nothing new. John Gill: Teachers were unclear about the process. Wendy and John were at the meeting, but still unclear after half an hour. Finally said that John Gill is closing and the teachers are in the pool of displaced teachers. Parents have not been communicated with. Parents don’t know it is a school closure. Ann asked Wendy what are the requirements to be an Orion Teacher. Were told there is special training. This really does not happen. Teachers who may become Orion teachers need to know what this looks like. Hoover: Heard there are students coming across all grades. Middle School teachers have a meeting next Monday to talk about schedule changes. ?? where did the displacement of teachers 45 displaced teachers and 32 openings. Michelle Washington: All temporary teachers will be released. Nonrelect is different: Not a good fit for the district. This is based on information that they got from the principal. ??What will happen to the 13 teacher difference. Michelle to James: You will get to pick a school that you want to go to. Until vacancy lists are drawn uWe don’t know the number of teachers needed. District has until March 15 until they send out layout notices. District Seniority holds for teacher movement. JJ: Retirement incentive not enough.Principals hold out. No one else is moving before the displaced teachers. This will be in order of seniority. Michelle: If people have the same seniority date and they are vying for the same position there will be a tie breaking. Done by lottery. Does the temp list include the interns. Interns have more rights than a temp. If they are continuing in their program they should be fine. MIT: Will principal have a say if people are trying for the same slot. Michelle: If they are displaced by a school closing, No. Only based on seniority. If you don’t want anything on the list. If you skip your turn to pick, they you go in the voluntary pool you will have to apply for a position and interview. Vacancy list will be out well before the 45 people get to pick. Northstar: What is there in terms of the MOU? When will we see a hard copy? Michelle:This week the MOU will go out. Michelle W.:Community Outreach will be notified if they are going to be impacted. If the position is site funded. The sites know their situation around April. TOSA will be notified (Teachers on Special Assignment). Some TOSA’s get funding from Zuckerberg these are known. ? What happens if a teacher was transferred this year, can they be transferred again. This depends on enrollment. Michelle clarified this MOU goes through the first 10 days of the 2019-2020 school year. When should teachers know if they are being involuntarily transferring.

Committee Reports:

Grievance -Report sent by email. Kevin read into record. See attached email. We would like to hear from the actual grievance person. Grievance chair needs to come to the rep council meetings. Ann: Would like to know what the grievances were about. Kevin: A lot of teachers are having difficulty with new principals.

Organizing _ Paradise Fundraiser March 15 at 4:30. at Redwood City Women’s Club. Evite is going out. $20 a ticket, all invited. May be a paypal button to buy online. Being sent out widely. Supplies/donations may be brought to the event. Items can be stored at the RCTA office at Kennedy. Members benefits fair will likely be in April. Walk for Life is May 4th. Possibly have a CPR/First Aid meeting? 20 - 29 year veterans barbecue?

Membership - please submit any changes in member info to Heather Irani. When will be get new cards for new people. Heather - They should all be out.

Executive Board Reports

Kevin: years of service contract language/updates - if you sub and you sub for 75% of the days of a school district you can get credit for subbing. Subbing in this district.

Old Business - State Council - Alec Duncan - Los Angeles 800 people from around the state. Tony Thurmond won because of support of the CTA. He won by 90,000 votes. He spoke to the meeting. New budget from new governor. Focusing money into the school system. Very positive atmosphere. UTLA: went on strike, prepared the people to support teachers, more counselors, more librarians on site, more nurses, parents very supportive. Very positive. Won a 6% raise. Struck for smaller class size. Charter school went on strike. UTLA supported the charter school. CTA announced picket lines will be walked with the charter school. The next day the strike was settled the next day. Oakland may go on strike, people in Oakland in support of the teachers.

New Business: staff survey

Adjourned: 5:25 p.m.

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