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Minutes 1/14/19

Rep Council Minutes

January 14, 2019

1. Called to order: 3:48.

2. Motion to accept the minutes. Minutes approved by voice vote.

3. Site Collaboration and Site Reports.

MIT: Good. Kennedy: Demolition has started and is first of three year phase of remodel. Ford: Good. Selby Lane: The Spanish Immersion Program is having double staff meetings. The last two or three Thursdays have been double staff meetings. Kevin- Keep track of how many meetings there are during the year. Kevin will check into it. Nurses: They all picked up another school because they are down one nurse. Kevin: Need to discuss workload over the next few months. Orion: Moral low. Roy Cloud: New Admin Hostile work environment. Disheartening. Kevin: Will get a conversation going. Hoover: Two teachers finished Breathe for a Change. Yoga for the teachers is starting for parents and teachers. Question. Why are there no school tours at Hoover. Kevin ask --Romero about that. Hoover’s Board Report is coming up. Roosevelt: A lot of school visits. Expecting many children from other schools. Good buzz about Roosevelt and the PBL. Clifford: Scheduled parent tours on Tuesday and Wednesday through February. Issues with special ed. Overloading RSP teachers between initial IEP’s, case management, push into classrooms, testing. Way too much for one individual. Kevin: Add to ten minute notes to ask RSP teachers to itemize their workload. Send Sandy info on RSP teacher workload. Kennedy: RSP teachers need to get together and talk about workload. No limit to IEP meetings. Clifford VP is going to Fair Oaks four days a week. Taft: New principal - doing great. There four days a week. Goes to Fair Oaks one day a week. Substitute principal on Mondays. Tours are happening on Thursdays. GI virus going through Taft last December. Tours and meetings had been cancelled. Fair Oaks: Principal is at the District Office for the rest of her contract. Staff Development: Staff Development has been told that they won’t be going back in the classroom. John Gill: Our students need to reapply. Many students are staying for Orion. Adelante: ‘Meet RCSD Night’ very disappointing. Tables were squished against the walls. No signs. Poorly done. Very chaotic. No school tours at Adelante. The secretary at Selby doesn’t know when the tours are set. Kevin- This information needs to be directed to the Climate Committee. North Star: Problem with classrooms that are used for extra activities are being used for unknown purpose. .

4. Erin Washburn presented on the LGBT Issues Conference in Palm Springs. Hosted by CTA. Conference focuses on LGBT issues legislation and contractual issues.. LGBTQ+ will be the new name. AB 1266: A legal name change is not necessary to change a student’s name on roster etc., school ID, report cards. The change can be made at the student’s request. A school district is required to maintain a legal roster with both names. RCSD is in process of passing a LGBTQ + policy. Students are allowed to use the bathroom on their gender identity. Considered harassment to repeatedly calling student by the wrong name. Fair Education Act of 2011: Instruction should include contributions of LGBTQ+ Americans. RCSD has an LGBTQ+ Policy, but no Human RIghts and Equity Committee. Erin advocated that this committee be formed. CTA suggests that you wait to be protected by your permanent status before you ‘hold up the flag.’ Guy Derosa LGBTQ+ Safety in Schools Grant Program. Deadline Dec 14, 2019 Any CT member may apply. Erin’s suggestions for projects: buy books, signage that is inclusive, Rainbow Garden, Most important at the middle school level. Elementary level needs signage and books. April 12: GLESN’s Day of Silence. Teachers can give students a sticker. Organizing around intersectionality. We need a Human RIghts and Equity Committee. Shared organizing methods that could be used in our local. How can we make things better for our marginalized communities. Meeting 1st Wednesdays at 4 - 5 p.m. at Roosevelt. Several teachers volunteered to attend.

5. Heather Irani: Membership: Carol gave a staff Roster for each site to the Site Reps. Carol is working up updating the rosters. Site Reps: Please, continue to send updated info from CTA cards. Please, get a bulletin board up in the staff rooms.

Ten Minute meetings: Please, refer to the bottom of the agenda and indicate the date of when each action was done.

6. Mariana Hernandez: Looking for a location for benefit for Paradise. March 15th tentative. Flyers passed out. 337 teachers displaced in Paradise that have been displaced from their classrooms. Benefits Faire and fundraiser may be combined. Ann: It would be amazing for teachers to have their students write letters. Can be teachers writing to teachers. Money and gently used items are welcomed and appreciated.

7. Kevin: To Do List for Site Reps. Please, bring back the agenda with the items marked off and dated. If Site Reps hand in they are in the running for Giants Tickets.

8. Steven Murray presented the budget. He said we have substantial amounts in checking and savings. The Rep Council gets to decide how to spend the money. Please, talk to your sites and bring back ideas on how to spend this. NEA RA: Steve has the application to run for delegate. Fill out and send into the Golden Gate Service Center. Deadline is January 31 at 5 p.m. If we get three elected that is all we send. If we don’t get three elected we can send from our own local and pay for them. We get a total of three delegates. Forms are also available on

9. Kevin: MOU: Discussion of what constitutes a special program. Michelle Washington explained that according to the Ed Code there are definitions. Orion and Adelante are both considered special programs and will therefore staff will be moved as a whole.

We continue to push of transfer of whole groups or grade levels from displaced schools. Selby Lane: EO teachers are not considered a special program. The District has the right to move teachers where they need them. Our MOU is important, but District can move teachers within grade level requirement (up or down two grade levels). There are now three days given to teachers to pack and unpack. Two in June, one in August instead of staff development. Kevin is going to ask to put together a volunteer core to help teachers to move. District will supply boxes and tape. Need to box and mark. Professional movers will be hired.

A motion to be put next meeting to give gift cards to teachers who are moving.

Meeting Adjourned: 5:35 p.m.

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