Minutes December 17, 2018

Rep Council Meeting Minutes

RCTA Mission Statement:

The Redwood City Teachers Association exists to promote and

protect the professional health and longevity of its members. It is

dedicated to the pursuit and support of excellent teaching, equity,

collective bargaining, and fair working conditions. We are devoted

to the education of the children, their families, and the community of Redwood City.

Location: Red Morton CAB: 1400 Roosevelt, Redwood City

Time: 3:45 - 5:15

Call to Order: Called to Order at: 3:55 p.m

Review and accept the November meeting minutes Motion to approve the minutes:

Approved .


1. Site Report conversations and the 10 minute meeting.

MIT: Happy-- won’t be moved . Ford: Hawes parents came and toured school.

Welcomed with open arms. Staff Development: Union is providing breakfast

on January 8th at MIT. Food will be in the old gym. Fair Oaks: Field trip to Taft

was canceled because of illnesses at Taft. Parents did tour, kids’ field trip will be

rescheduled in January. Roosevelt: Families coming to tour from Hawes and

Selby Lane. Hoover: Winter Fest on Thursday. Why Hoover is left off the list

and people are not touring? We are not mentioned as a possibility. Would like to

get rid of Charter School. Adelante: Wendy Kelly went to Adelante to answer

questions. Questions still the same about teachers and who Principal will be.

Orion: People trying to stay positive, but lots of questions. Clifford: Usual

Angst. Selby Lane: Met with Wendy Kelly and John Baker. Teachers vocal

about wanting to know the definition of a special program. EO program at Selby

Lane has SEAL trained teachers. Why aren’t they considered a program.

Displaced families told they had one week to make a decision. A lot of people

are disgruntled. Kennedy: Charter school takes up a lot of our campus. SDC

was moved 6 years ago from Hoover to Kennedy. They used to have continuity

on Hoover Campus. Wants to keep the SDC program at Kennedy. Doesn’t

know what will happen. SDC teacher is supporting in regular ed classrooms,

doing F&P testing. Issue of aide support. New office and family center are being

built. Three year construction plans will involve switching classrooms. Principal

Rep Council Minutes

December 17 , 2018

said district seniority over site seniority. John Gill: Families being asked to

reapply for the school. Will parents be forced to do parent participation?

Mandarin Program they do not have to volunteer. Are we one school? Winter

Festival. Many Orion families came to our Winter Festival. (Point was made that

a public school cannot require parent participation.) Roy Cloud: What will

happen to new teachers? Cristina Granado from Roy Cloud shared that she had

recommended the whole district be reorganized because it is unfair for only some

families to bare the brunt.

Heather Irani: Shared information on CTA cards and asked site reps to get a list

of all on at each site. Let her know who has moved or left the district.

Kevin: Let him know if you are running your ten minute meetings each month -

he will give you a raffle ticket). Sandi Hoover: Calls them but not many attend.

2. The MOU process:

Kevin: Pain should be felt district wide. District Seniority should prevail unless it is

credential based. As a union to be the most fair we need to demand that no program

get special treatment. Questions: Will students mingle at the new campuses? Juliet

(Hawes) : Our community has worked so hard. To stay together. We have already

been displaced. It is not favoritism. We were told that if 80% of families move to a site

then the teachers will move with them. Selby Lane : Selby only had two days to decide.

No time to rally families. Eva (Adelante): What does equal mean? Who is going to get

the short end of the stick? Many questions about the move to Selby Lane.

3. Thank you’s and reviews of our first official social: Very Successful.

4. The Staff Development Breakfast: All hands on deck

5. Fire victims: Ann: Thank you letter read from Paradise. Shared that elementary

teachers need manipulatives. High schools need notebooks. February 1st, Friday:

Drop off fundraiser party here at the CAB building. You can drop off items you would

like to donate to the Paradise Schools. They would like letters written from students.

6. NEA-RA upcoming election: Carol: NEA Representatives Assembly (RA): This

year is in Houston, Texas. Alec: Much talk about unionism and civil rights at RA last

year. The NEA RA is the world’s largest democratic deliberative body. 8,000 teachers

get to vote. Standing vote: then if needed voice vote: then if needed counting vote. It

was very Inspirational. There is going to be an election held in February or March.

7 . Kevin: A number of CTA sponsored conferences coming up. On another note: The

Freedom Foundation, an anti union group is sending out information to RWC residents.

Only one person has left our union. Kevin emphasized the importance of ten minute

meetings. Will be talking about a program called Teachers Teaching Teachers.

Rep Council Minutes

December 17 , 2018

Adjourned: 5:02 p.m.


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