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Minutes from November 5, 2018

Updated: Dec 1, 2018

Rep Council Minutes

November 5, 2018

Called to order at 3:50 by Mariana Hernandez

Parliamentarian: Mariana Hernandez

In Attendance: Hoover-Xa Mai, North Star-Bruce Robinson, Alec Duncan, Orion-Anna Baneber, Selby Lane-Vickie Neves, Yesenia Bravo, Taft-Larry G., Nurses-Katherine Caneba, Lisa Cox, CDC-Wilza Fogel, Staff Development-Ann Berljafa, Adelante-Susan Dunlap, Fair Oaks-Sigi McCarthy, Garfield, Anastacia Stamates, Henry Ford-Angie Teupel, Roosevelt - Heather Irani Organizing Chair-Mariana Hernandez, Exec Board-Kevin Sugar, Steve Murray, Meg Grulich, Victoria DeFouw

Motion to approve the minutes. Accepted and approved. Unifying and sharing with your table mates.

Angie from Henry Ford- the Outdoor Ed stipend for teachers needs to be increased. Currently $100 per day. Kevin asked her to put this on the parking lot.

Alec from North Star: Moving North Star to Taft - possible. Made point District should have saved for this.

Lisa from Henry Ford reported on hearing vans coming.

Kevin Sugar: Middle School students allowed to dress up in Halloween costumes for parade.

Staff Development: Idea of Clifford being shut down off the chopping block.

TK: Learning hygiene and having fun. Almost filled Sandy Hoover’s class wit 30. She currently has 28.

3. Kevin: Kevin asked for participation and spoke of need to fill the committees.

Elections: Election coming soon. Rep for the NEA. The Elections Committee runs establishes time lines, prepares ballots, ensures that RCTA election code is followed, counts ballots and handles initial challenges. 2 - 3 people needed. Volunteered:Steve Murray, SIgi McCarthy, Larry G., and Lisa Cox

Membership:Reports to Executive Board. Heather Irani said she would do it again. Kevin would like the membership committee to be looking out for our members. We need an ear at each of our school sites. Kevin proposed having a membership person at each school site.

Organizing Committee: Mariana Hernandez heads this committee. This is the social planning committee. This committee also takes direction from the board in terms of ordering t-shirts. This committee wants the union to be more of a visible presence in RWC. Angie Teupel and Wilza Jury Fogel, and Vicky Never and Xa Mai volunteered.

Climate Committee: Ann Berljafa, Sandy Hoover, Katherine Caneba and Kevin Sugar are on this committee. The Climate Committee meets with the superintendent the first Monday for each month. Anastasia from Garfield spoke on the importance of keeping issues general and not a personal gripe session. Ann B. reported on the last meeting. They spoke of Administration and Staff communications and the need for administrators to give positive feedback to staff. The new idea is that admin should play more of a coaching roll rather than simply evaluative. Talked quite about platinum ticket. Talked about how teachers feel when admin comes in with a clipboard and then give no feedback. Ann B. said that admin seemed to really listen and seemed to be receptive. Actions: Would like to send out a survey to members about general problems. Reminded admin that there is a lot of angst because of the 24 proposals for reorganization. Ann B said that as site reps it is important to communicate with Climate Committee about problems and issues at the sites.

Executive Board:

Website: Victoria developed a RCTA website. She requested approval by the rep council before she launches the site. Website will be called

Motion to approve $14 per month to pay for website by Victoria. Steve seconded the motion.


Alec: The board should send out the bullet points for our ten minute meetings at the sites. Would like a written report from the grievance chair.

Ann B: Need to be careful about website as there will be open access. No personal comments.

Steve Murray: We have a code of conduct in our standing rules.

Victoria: Parts of the website will be secured.

Vote: Passed unanimously.

2. Budget: Steve Murray - there is a an ‘opt out letter’ for members where they can decline $1 per month going to the political committee.

Discussion Items and motions/

Membership Outreach - There was discussion around the idea that the sunshine committees at the different sites should work together with Membership Outreach. Kevin wants to send out an email saying we are looking for involvement on committees.

2. Spending priorities:


Steve Murray: Connect with other organizations in our community. We need to get our message out to the public and build our relationship with the media.

Ann B: Ann is a member of the RWC Women's Club and suggested we use these other memberships to spread the word about teachers. We need figure out ways to help those who will be affected by the reorganization of the District. Maybe gift cards for teachers who have to move.

Anastacia: Secondary trauma. Discussed the trauma we deal with as teachers. With the move it would be great if we could have speakers on these issues. She put forward that more of us are experiencing this than we realize.

Heather: We need PR. We need to be seen out there more.

Steven Murray: Website can be a great asset. Use technology, Have snippets about schools.

Kevin: In the past we promoted individual teachers at the board meetings.

Steve Murray: Spend money on technology. Get go pro cameras with microphones.

Wilza: Help teachers who are moving to another classroom.

Kevin: Agreed we should help teachers with these transitions.

Lisa: Asked if there would still be money available to go to conferences. Kevin said yes.


Suzanne Dunlap: On superintendents advisory committee. Raised question about what happens with teachers who are asked to move but don’t want to move.

Sandy Hoover: We need to post these questions to CTA and get answers on bumping rights.

Suzanne Dunlap made the point school closings will impact classified staff, secretaries and custodians.

Sigi: Shared that John Baker said if it is a specialized class or program you may keep your job, but it is not a specialized program it goes to seniority.

Victoria: Was told it is seniority by your school site.

Anastaisia: Same procedures will be followed as by any layoffs.

Heather: Seniority is the breathe of your credential, and your years of seniority.

Steven: Seniority counts for your school, but if it happens across the district then it is district wide seniority.

Sandy: Important to contact CTA because the District interprets things differently at different times.

School Site Presence:

Suzanne: Would like to use the $40 for treats for another meeting.

Kevin: Important to keep track of teachers who attend to get your $40 refund for treats.

Heather: Can we get new labels etc. for Bulletin Board to freshen it up.

Wilza: Needs information to bring to her CDC 10 minute meetings. Their next meeting is on the 14th.

Kevin passed out flyer for our first social on December 7th.

Dreams goals desires: Suzanne asked if teachers can go to any teaching conferences. Kevin said yes. Kevin said the union and the district share in the cost of sending teachers to some conferences.

Motion to adjourn seconded, and passed unanimously.

5:15 p.m.


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