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6/6/22 Rep council minutes

RCTA Representative Council Meeting Agenda

Redwood City Teachers’ Association Mission Statement: The Redwood City Teachers Association exists to promote and protect the professional health and longevity of its members. It is dedicated to the pursuit and support of excellent teaching, equity, collective bargaining, and fair working conditions. We are devoted to the education of the children, their families, and the community of Redwood City.

1. Call meeting to order at: 3:49

2. Land Acknowledgement: We are doing this work on the unceded land of the Ohlone Nations.

In the Land of My Ancestors

Native Land Map

Intertribal Friendship House

3. Roll Call and check in- Elected Site Representatives

Adelante Selby-Rita Melton and Yesenia Bravo Jennifer Mercado will take info back

Roy Cloud-Belinda Mendez and Maureen McPeek

Roosevelt- Kohlby Hong and Chris Holm ✔️✔️

Hoover-Kevin Sugar

Clifford- Jennifer Tanti

Orion-Jackie Kroner ✔️

North Star-Jacob Havey ✔️

Garfield-Anum Khan ✔️

MIT- Susanne Pillay ✔️

Kennedy-Cindy Meek ✔️

Taft-Kerry Benjamin and Kim Combs

Henry Ford-Angie Teupel and Sandra Covacha

SDC Preschool - Bernadette Garcia

Preschool -Aida Ortiz

Independent Study- Rebecca Robinson ✔️

4. Approval of the Minutes

5/2/22 Rep Council Minutes

  • Minutes approved without objections

5. Site by Site Share-outs

Adelante Selby Reps: 5th grade promotion ceremony on the 9th at 3pm, TK gets certificates, field day last week with inflatables and stations.

Garfield Reps: Special Needs event from 9-12 at San Mateo County Fair field trip today, 8th grade graduation ceremony, 5th and Kinder graduations also this week. Open House for Garfield is Tuesday, Jun 7.

Hoover Reps: High turnover, sunshine committee has cards out for all the staff leaving (15), 8th grade graduation is Thursday at 3pm

Kennedy Reps: Open house two weeks ago, high turnout of families, Great America Field Trip, Volleyball and Basketball games against staff, 8th graduation is Thursday at 6pm. Absorbing 6th graders from Roosevelt.

Orion Reps: New building opening soon after 3 years after the John Gill merge. Staff got to tour the new building last week, 5th grade graduation Wednesday.

McKinley Reps: High staff turnover, many teachers leaving to move over to Kennedy to follow Nick (principal), some non-reelect teachers. New principal and VP coming over to MIT.

North Star Reps: Field day last Friday with MIT, Festival of Numbers last week, Graduation on Wednesday for 8th grade, virtual talent show.

Roosevelt Reps: 6th grade is closed next year. High staff turnover this year (14 teachers) many are unhappy with administration, 8th grade had Great America field trip today, 8th grade graduation on Wednesday, met PTA jog a thon goal ($50,000)

Roy Cloud Reps: Weds. 5pm 8th grade graduation, new principal met staff this past week. 6th and 7th went on a field trip to the park today.

Independent Study Reps: Uncertain what is to come, teachers are not sure about if there will be independent study next year, finished on Thursday, too!

Clifford Reps: Absent

Henry Ford Reps: Absent

Taft Reps: Absent

CDC Preschool Reps: Absent

SDC Preschool Reps:Absent

6. Committee Reports

Elections Committee:

Steve Murray

Simply Vote Results

  • 45/306 members voted

Roles and responsibilities of Executive Board Members can be found in our bylaws.

President: Erinn Washburn

VPresident: Joan Solari

Treasurer: Steve Murray

Corresponding Secretary: Jennifer Tanti

Recording Secretary: Christina Granato

NEA RA State Delegates: Erinn Washburn, Jacob Havey

NEA RA Local Delegate: Yeseniah Bravo

  • RCTA needs to vote on whether we pay for the two state delegates’ non-funded half

  • Motion to pay for the second half of NEA delegates’ funds, by Chris Holm, seconded by Joan Solari

  • Motion met without objection

Rep Council Budget Votes:

Since we now only have one local delegate and two state delegates, will RCTA pay ½ hotel cost for State Delegates? CTA only pays ½ of the state delegate hotel cost. RCTA budgeted $3,000 per local delegate. Which means, we now have a $3,000 surplus on this line in our budget.

Need to vote on a new PAR panel. 4 teachers.

  • President is already a position

  • Still need 2 more members

  • Anum Khan volunteered

Organizing Committee:

New Chair: Belinda Mendez

Members: Xa Mai,

  • Monday August 29th -Organize new member+old member mixer/bbq/party

  • Roy Cloud’s Open House is Tuesday, August 30,2022

- Set up CTA Site rep training

-Summer Institute July 24-28 at UCLA

First RCTA meeting Monday, September 12th

  • No issues presented by rep council

  • Next year, maybe mix in-person and online meetings

*Make sure all RCTA MEMBERS GET A UNION TSHIRT in 2022-2023

Treasurer's Report:

Steve Murray

2021-2022 Budget: Approved 12/6/21

Dues increase will be reflected on April pay stub.

Balance Checking: Balance Savings: May expenses: May dues disbursement:

Will the rep council allow 14% president release time money for next year. This will give the president 5 hours of flex time to work union business each week and maintain a full time teaching schedule. Approximate cost $18,890 (Total cost: 2020-2022 $20,495.80)

  • Motion to add this to the 2022-2023 RCTA Budget Vote by Anum Khan, Chris Holm seconded the motion

  • Met without objection by Rep Council

Calendar Committee:

Pam Barasch, Erinn Washburn

Anyone else interested in speaking on behalf of this committee?

Aug. 11th -New Teacher orientation

Aug. 12th uninterrupted work day

Aug. 15 8:30-10am breakfast at DO Welcome Back

Aug. 15-16 site training and prep

Aug. 17th first day with students

Aug. 24th tenure ceremony

CSEA did not agree to the 2022 winter break change to match the Sequoia calendar.

  • Winter break remains December 19 - January 2

  • NOT ALIGNED with Sequoia

Human Rights and Equity Committee:

Erinn Washburn, Natalie Delahunt, Emily Farrell

Climate Committee:

Sigrid McCarthy, Silvia Antonelli, Chelsea Williams, Anum Khan, Erinn Washburn

Needs new Chair

**All schools should be using a two way form to communicate actions taken. Paper and informed k12 combination**

  • Administrator evaluations: John Baker visits with each 3X/year. Based on CSPEL

  • Lower evaluations

  • District sees this as good communication and feedback, not disciplinary.

  • Recognition that everyone has a heavier lift right now.

Membership Committee:

Christina Granato

Address changes for CTA database-Christina Granato

Needs new Chair

  • Cindy Meek volunteered for this position for 2022-2023 school year!

Grievance Committee:

Michelle Territo, Belinda Mendez

File a Complaint with HR

It is very important that you talk to your site administrators about any problems you may be having at your school. It is best to keep record of these interactions in case administrators do not respond.

Bargaining Team:

Brian Cagle, Michelle Territo, Erinn Washburn, Jenn Tanti

Contract Cheat Sheet

Needs Preschool and elementary member for future negotiations

Universal Prekindergarten FAQs

Changes in some preschool scheduling may require negotiations.

  • 3-4 preschool teachers will have afternoon pk/tk combinations.

  • Tk has 6 hours of instruction in the morning and may spend an additional 3 hours in preschool afternoon class. Parents can sign up their 4 year old children for this full 9 hour program.

  • District has said for preschool teachers effected:

  • full eight hours will be on a salary schedule-no time cards for additional hours (positively affects retirement).

  • no change in programming for pm class

  • no extra meetings

  • no preschool required testing for tk pm students

6. Announcements:

First RCTA meeting of new school year will be held online on September 12th

August 8, 9, 10 PD days are paid per diem or 4.5 PGCE units.

  • Fill out the sign in sheets to be compensated.

  • If you do not attend, you will not be compensated.

SPSL: This leave will become available for use on February 19, 2022 and is retroactive to January 1, 2022 for qualifying absences.

  • If you have taken leave between 1/1/2022-2/19/2022 for Covid related reasons, you can apply to use this leave by completing this form.

Fall Panorama Survey Data

RCSD Job Vacancies

RCSD Course Credit Approval

CTA Conferences

CA Administrator Performance Expectations

7. Member Concerns:

*Please make sure to first go to site admin

  • Some sort of active shooter and lockdown training with RCPD NEEDS TO HAPPEN, not online training modules, site-by-site to ensure we are the most prepared and most effective at feeling prepared to protect our students and ourselves.

  • Facilities also not fixing items for requested work orders at some sites.

Meeting adjourned at: 5:08pm

10 minute meeting To Do’s:

1. August 29th beginning of the year mixer.

2. September 12th first RCTA meeting

3. Get folks at your site to be on your committee!


2020-2023 CBA

Rep council meeting calendar

RCTA bylaws

Web: Facebook: @redwoodcityteachersassociation

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